FMOD Lessons

FMOD is an incredibly powerful Audio Middleware engine, developed by Firelight Technologies. It has been used in hundreds of titles in many different languages and across many different platforms. It offers an incredibly simple interface with the tools to really focus on making the most out of each of your audio samples. Here’s a collection of articles I’ve written on a few topics regarding the program.

If you have any suggestions for any specific FMOD Lessons or Tutorials, please send them to or tweet them to @SoundGuyChris!

Introduction To FMOD:

Lesson 1: The Interface

Lesson 2: The Parameter

Lesson 3: The Logic Track

Lesson 4: The Mixing

Lesson 5: Integration Into Unity

Lesson 6: Integration Into Unreal Engine (planned)

FMOD Code Topics:

Commented FMOD-Unity Tutorial Code

Working with Parameters in Code (planned)

FMOD STUDIO Design Patterns:

Materials Switching (planned)

Vertical Mixing of Interactive Music (planned)

Horizontal Restructuring of Interactive Music (planned)