Linear Productions

Artificer- Estuary (2016)

Estuary is a release by the Chicago post-rock band Artificer. It’s the first time I’ve done a record in as live a setting as possible, with the entire band playing at once. Though still using not much more than pro-sumer quality recording equipment, we took great care in our treatment of the record to try to replicate the aesthetics of some of the great bands in the genre. I firmly believe that Estuary is my best sounding production to date.

The Malskys - Birth (2016)

Birth is a release by “Glitter Punk” band, The Malskys. It is an EP that is absolutely brimming with catchy hooks that hearken back to the roots of feminist punk and folk rock bands. Though the original recordings were brought to me in a damaged state, I think it fair to say that my treatment in the mixing/mastering of the record was incredibly successful in highlighting the raw emotion of the music.

Crude Humor - Jeri's Grill (2015)

Jeri’s Grill is the sophomore album by the hardcore punk band, Crude Humor. Like many bands I work with, Crude Humor embraces a D.I.Y. aesthetic, reflected in its production style. Despite this aesthetic, we still took full advantage of the studio environment and sampled all manner of objects to create different aural textures in the music, resulting in a surprisingly finished product that still sounds blisteringly raw.

Miss Demeanor - Livid (2014)

Livid, by the Chicago grunge band Miss Demeanor, was my first solo production role. To say that it exceeded my expectations is an understatement – it wound up in several local publications, and was ranked #20 in the popular No Clean Singing weblogs’ “Best of 2014” list. On Livid, I particularly focused on keeping a large dynamic range and highlighting the performance of the numerous percussion parts.

The Symbiotic Equation - Excerpts... (2012)

Excerpts From an Unsystematic Perception is the debut LP by the experimental ambient/industrial project The Symbiotic Equation. The work was entirely recorded by Carlos Zamudio which I then gave a “creative mix” to, working in close conjunction with the artist to create new and interesting textures in the both the ambient and musical soundscapes.

Black Hole Youth - Now That's What I Call Punk! (2016)

…Punk! is the second release by Black Hole Youth, whose debut I also worked on. With a more thorough understand of what the duo wanted to sound like this time around, we were really able to get this record out almost as fast as the music itself. I worked closely with the band members to identify the production choices we liked and didn’t like on the first record in order to inform the production decision-making process on this one.

Stutz_ - Counterparts (2015)

Counterparts is an industrial dance record by Chicago/LA artist, Jonathan Stutz. the musician, visual artist, and self-proclaimed synth nerd who curates the Stutz Creative artist collective. It features a very clean and digital aesthetic, with the majority of the sounds of the album produced by the Teenage Engineering OP-1 pocket synthesizer – a testament to the ability of the artist to coax numerous textures out of the device.

Black Hole Youth - Dirty Pillows (2015)

Dirty Pillows is the debut release by a young punk duo known as Black Hole Youth. Clocking in at less than 18 minutes, it’s a concise record that taps into the spirit of early hardcore, riot grrrl, and skate punk artists with aplomb. On this EP, I worked with the artists to create a meaningful release against a tight budget and incredibly short release schedule, and in that respect, I believe we succeeded entirely.

Rhemora - SUCKS (2013)

The Sucks EP was recorded over the spring of 2013 and released in the summer of the same year. Being a member of the band, I produced, mixed, and mastered the tracks, as well as performed the bass guitar parts. The EP was extraordinarily well-received in many e-zines and weblogs. Like contemporary albums in the melodic death metal genre, we worked hard to create a crystal-clear production quality.

Strongman - This Too Shall Pass (2012)

This Too Shall Pass is the first record I ever appeared on, performing bass on the groove metal / hardcore band Strongman’s debut album. The album was a very evenly divided endeavor between each of the bands members, and each of us had a role in every step of the its creation. It was a learning experience, to be sure, but is still a record that I am immensely proud of.