Game Productions



WilsonX Connected Basketball Companion App
Role: Wwise Engineer, Audio Editor
Platform: iOS/Android using proprietary frameworks

The WilsonX Connected Basketball is a basketball training tool developed by Wilson Sporting Goods meant to help players track their real time performance in both training and game-pressure simulation scenarios. For this project, I oversaw the curation, improvement, and development of the Wwise project which powers this audio-driven experience. It is available for purchase here.


Color Rapids
Role: VO Coach, Audio Editor
Platform: Android Tablet using Unity 3D

Developed by Rapid Learning Series, Color Rapids is a fun and educational game for children, meant to teach young players to identify colors by simple drag and drop gameplay. I was independently contracted to this project to give a voices to the happy and playful world of color. My task for this game was to secure child voice actors and direct them into giving a believable performance.


Mysteries of the Core / The Core
Role: Asset Coordination, Sound Design, Music, Implementation
Platform: PC using Unity 3D and Arduino

Mysteries of the Core began as an educational Unity-based video game called The Core which was an entry into the Columbia College Chicago 2013 Summer Game Challenge, which tied for first place with Mysteries of the Megafloods. Mysteries of the Core is the result of merging the two first-place games, created and commissioned specifically for the Shedd Aquarium of Chicago, IL.


Squirrel Sqript
Role: Associate Programmer, Sound Design
Platform: Web using Impact

Squirrel Sqript is a turn-based, Twitter-connected, HTML5 battle game, wherein the players tweets to characters can affect the outcomes of the game and even level themselves up. For this project, I programmed client-side HTML5 and JavaScript game functionalities, created audio assets, and assisted our back end engineer with server-side technologies using MongoDB, Mongoose, OAuth, Node.js, and Java.


Role: Lead SFX Designer, Asset Logging, Audio Q.A., Playtesting
Platform: PC using Unity 3D and Wwise

Undertakers is a western-themed 4-player third-persoon shooter for the PC. It is a competitive game with a unique twist to traditional free-for-all competition by way of emergent team-building. Successfully hide the lone bar of gold and defend it to score points, while the other three players create a precarious alliance to get the gold, only to try taking it for themselves. It was developed under the direction of instructor Tom Dowd.


Music Planet
Role: Lead SFX Designer, Asset Logging, Audio Q.A.
Platform: PC using Unity 3D with Wwise and Xbox Kinect

Music Planet is a casual, quirky, and expressive kinect-based PC game in which the player becomes a music god, working to restore balance to the world by completing various mini-games (e.g. conducting a marching band, balancing city growth, etc). It was developed under the direction of instructor Bill Guschwan.


Masked Meteor
Role: Lead SFX Designer, Asset Logging, Audio Q.A.
Platform: PC using GameMaker

Masked Meteor is a story-driven platformer which places the player in the role of the eponymous Masked Meteor, a retired TV-show superhero who delves into the city sewers to rescue a young fan captured by the forces of a mysterious evil force. It was developed under the direction of instructor Bill Guschwan and recieved much praise for it’s fleshed out comic-like narrative, brought to life through our audio team.


Role: Lead SFX Designer, Asset Logging, Wwise Implementation
Platform: PC using Unity3D and Wwise

Stampede is a fast-paced, first-person game in which the player has accidentally found themselves in the running of the bulls and must navigate obstacles to escape being trampled in the streets of Pamplona, Spain. It was developed under the direction of instructor Bill Guschwan, and designed by Michael Higgins.



Chocolate Attack!: An Interactive Picture Book
Role: Sound Effects, Voice-Over Coaching, Asset Logging
Platform: iPad using Torque3D

Chocolate Attack is a childrens iPad storybook detailing the adventures of Missy, a child who indulges in the sweeter things in life just a little bit too much. My audio team was contracted by Apologue Entertainment to give the story sound effects and greater interactivity, which eventually considerably increased the amount of downloads to the app. It is available for purchase on the iTunes App Store.