Routing Multiple Inputs and Outputs Between Cubase and Kontakt

Hey, and welcome to another music production tutorial. I normally do two posts a week, but life has been getting really busy, and I’m now working on three game projects plus my two bands, plus dealing with the rest of the things life throws at me (like figuring out this “job” thing). I think I’ll be running back to one tutorial/lesson a week for a little while until I can write and schedule up another series. ANYWAY, as you may have gleaned from the title, Today I’m going to show you how to quickly get multiple inputs and outputs running on Kontakt 5. I’ll be showing you specifically the instructions and screenshots for dealing with Kontakt, but keep in mind you can use these general rules for just about any VST instrument out there and the instructions will be pretty similar. As most of my stuff has been, I’m a Cubase user, so my tutorial will deal with Cubase. Your DAW will likely be different, but probably not by much and the same principles will definitely apply.


Quite simply, using multiple inputs to a VST allows you to get more overhead. Kontakt is an incredibly sophisticated piece of software that can produce some very realistic bits of audio. But running six instances on six tracks is going to choke up even the heartiest of computers, forcing you to increase your audio buffer size (and therefore, increase your latencies). Additionally, routing multiple inputs keeps your session cleaner. Once your MIDI signal reaches Kontakt you can also use it to activate multiple instruments at once, allowing you to create an endless variety of textures.


It makes mixing simpler! Especially in a VSTi like Kontakt, you can quickly gauge the relative levels of each instrument without leaving Kontakt and set them individually. Additionally, you can export each output INDIVIDUALLY so that you can mix them later, without having Kontakt (or whatever VST you route out) installed on your mixing desk. This also gives you the freedom to turn off more VST’s during the mixing phase, freeing up even more valuable CPU cycles.

So lets get started!

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