Well Here I Am Again!

So, it’s been a good long while. I’ve been working on a ton of projects, handling the day job, etc, etc etc, you know. Life. This blog kind of fell (guiltily) by the wayside. I’ve dutifully responded to as many questions as I’ve gotten via email (which I’m grateful for, by the way!) and with GDC around the corner one more time, I figured it’s really time to get my ass in gear and spruce this place up. So I’ve relaunched my main portfolio site and combined it with my blog, all on one spiffy wordpress website without any hacky code from me. Learned a lot about CMS and customizing CSS along the way, and so here I am, again, to talk about whatever I learn about along the way. Expect something shortly. Maybe a mini review of something I’ve heard recently, or a recording or two. 🙂 We’ll see!