Demo Reel

Projects Included In This Reel:

  • [0:05 – 0:36] Mortal Kombat X Trailer Sound Re-Design (Linear Audio, 2016)

This is a showcase of my design using mostly library-sourced material. Transient shapers in specific were instrumental in designing the impacts and punches. The most interesting challenge from an audio perspective in this TV spot was to overcome was the length of the average camera shot. As a 30 second TV spot that was condensed from a full 2 minute trailer, the editing forms a very concise sizzle reel, with very little “recovery” time between actions and camera shots. This forced me, as a designer, to think about how sounds in one shot would overlap with sound effects from the next shot – both in terms of frequency spectra or in emotional impact. A standalone version set to to music is available here.

  • [0:37 – 1:25] Need For Speed: Most Wanted Trailer Sound Re-Design (Linear Audio, 2014)

One of the challenges in this piece was in identifying ways of giving each vehicle it’s own character, despite the fast-moving cuts and keeping them the focal point, despite the excess noise of all the chaos surrounding them. I confronted that challenge not only through the use of panning, but in using different equalizer treatments to accent different aspects of each cars “personality.” The black Rival car engine was given a beefier bottom end, while the “Player” car is waspier with a more focused high-end. By contrast, the police vehicle engines were sampled from an older 4-door sedan, as they attempted to keep up with the two racers. A standalone version set to music is available here.

  • [1:152:22] WilsonX Connected Basketball Wwise Project + Final App (iOS/Android, 2015)

This segment of my demo reel represents my work on the Bluetooth-Connected Basketball training system from Wilson Sporting Goods, which allows players to record their basketball practice sessions using the WilsonX “Make/Miss Technology.” The first half of the segment shows the Wwise Project which powered the game, partially demonstrating how the game utilized relatively few parameters about the game state to generate a breadth of information to Wwise, including guiding the announcer banter, announcing the clock state, and interpolating between audience states. My most major achievements on the project were in identifying logic redundancies (resulting in a nearly 20% decrease in the reaction time between the player’s action on the court and the app’s reaction on the phone) and in restructuring and optimizing the soundbanks so that only the necessary assets for a given game mode were ever loaded, resulting in faster load times and an 30% overall reduction in size of the mobile app. It can be found for purchase here on Amazon.

  • [2:22 – 3:10] Undertakers (PC, 2013)

Created as part of the Columbia College Chicago 2013 Large Team Game Project Senior Capstone course, I functioned as the Sound Effects Lead for a six-person audio team. While the sounds you are hearing in this clip are the result of a group effort, in specific I contributed to editing the voice-over interactions between characters, and in shaping the sound effects design of the project through vetting SFX and assigning, prioritizing, and delegating tasks to the team members. I was additionally responsible for logging and tracking each asset under my oversight from concept to execution, and working with the other designers to ensure a cohesive experience. When showcased at GDC 2013, it received plenty of praise on the Expo Floor for its high production value as a student project. It can be downloaded on the Columbia College Chicago website, here