Hi! I'm Chris!

I'm a sound guy who also does audio.

Folks call me "Sound Guy Chris" because I'm a reliable, honest, and hardworking guy. It just so happens that I also work with sound as an interactive audio designer and record producer. I live in Chicago, and have been working with audio since 2010. In that time, I've touched on nearly every facet of audio imaginable in the music and game development communities here - usually in a very Do-It-Yourself, Get-It-Done capacity.

If you've ever found yourself in need of a sound guy to join your audio team, look no further.

You are more than welcome to follow my ramblings on Twitter or check out my blog where I share as much as I can about all facets of audio: from insight, to discussion, to tutorials. If you would like to reach out to me, please do not hesitate to use this contact form - I usually reply very quickly.

Looking for my demo reel?

This is latest iteration of my reel. Feel free to contact me if you're looking for something more specific. It was last updated on 7/15/2015.

Projects included are:
  • [0:00 - 0:23] Undertakers (PC, Unity 3D + Wwise, 2013)

    Created as part of the Columbia College Chicago 2013 Large Team Game Project Senior Capstone. I functioned as the Sound Effects Lead for a six-person audio team. The sounds you are hearing are the result of a group effort. In specific, I contributed to editing the copious amounts of voice-over interactions between characters (including the ones heard in this segment), and in shaping the sound effects design of the project through vetting SFX and assigning tasks to the team members through Sharepoint and additionally was responsible for logging and tracking each Sound Effects Asset under my oversight from concept to execution.

  • [0:23 - 0:43] Need for Speed: Most Wanted Trailer (Linear Audio, 2014)

    A personal project meant to practice my craft in my downtime. I was the sole producer of the audio on this piece. The engines were recorded using several microphones and a Zoom H4 in my garage, while many of the impacts were combinations of stock sound effects and impacts recorded at a local junk yard.

  • [0:43 - 0:59] Phantom 48 Audio Team Demo (UDK, 2013)

    Created by the six-person Undertakers audio team, which we dubbed "Phantom 48", using only the default textures and models in UDK to tell a narrative driven by our original audio. It was built over the course of a week in preparation for the Columbia College Manifest Showcase. I functioned primarily as the Kismet scripter and level designer, but also contributed to some of the sound design. Primarily, my role as far as audio was concerned is in implementation and in cutting and editing the dialogue in preparation for implementation, including the few lines of dialogue heard in this segment)

  • [1:00 - 1:35] WilsonX Connected Basketball (iOS/Android/Wwise, 2015)

    A gamified training system developed by Wilson Sporting Goods and SportIQ, featuring their new Make/Miss Technology. I was independently contracted and brought onto the project to oversee the continued curating of their growing and increasingly complex Wwise project. I did contribute minor sound design elements but the great majority of my work on this game was in preparing the recorded voice-over elements for implementation into the game, creating new gameplay events out of the information being passed to Wwise Parameters, making structural optimizations to the soundbank organizations (and eventually dropping the file size of the overall app by over 30%!), bug-fixing and just generally improving upon the project iteratively. The first 12 seconds of footage are of the Wwise Project, the following 25 are a screen-capped recording of the game in action.